Whiskey Logo Design & Branding - Knotted Wood Distilling Co.

Q: What happens when you mix 1 part Native Corn, with 2 parts water, and 3 parts midwestern entrepreneurial craftsmanship? A: A great start to a new brand of spirits that will bring a refined product from their family owned corn field to bottle.

Reece & Jack Sukovaty

Reece Sukovaty, owner of Nebraska based Knotted Wood Distilling Co., hired us to design an iconic logo for the business. Something modern and "not too western", but appropriate for his industry and product line. 

After an in depth category review and dynamic discovery and design process, we finally distilled (puns intended) the precise direction for their icon.

It was an exciting project that brought us down many different roads. Together, we settled on this striking design which timelessly brings to life the corporate name, appeals to their target audience, works in a myriad number of applications, and is instantly recognizable. 

Knotted Wood Final Jpegs.jpg